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International Sales
Release Date:2013/12/27Workplace:Qingdao cityNumber:6
  1. College education, more than one year of experience in international sales;

  2. Familiar with Alibaba & Made-in-China;

  3. Alibaba operating experience is preferred;

  4. Ability to learn, hard working, willing and common development with the company;

  5. Positions to recruit part-time, please send your resume to explain their willingness to work;

If you are interested in our position and meet our basic requirements, please send your CV to, or contact us directly!

Release Date:2013/12/27Workplace:Qingdao cityNumber:1
1, responsible for the collation of information office conference room.
2, answering phone calls, receiving visitors.
3, responsible for the fax and data copy job.
4, the company responsible for the various types of documents and foreign documents collection, distribution, archive work.
Note: sounds sweet, gentle is preferred.
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