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Newsprint Paper

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world best quality newsprint paper

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45/48/48.8gsm Newsprint Paper for Printing Newspaper/Books


Grade A, world toppest quality


good whitenss, available 4 color good printing



Grammage from 45g to 55g.
Basic Weight:45gsm,47gsm, 48gsm & 48.8gsm
Whiteness: 58-66%, ISO International Standard

Printing: available for 4 color printing
Opacity: 93%
Smoothness:> 70%
Moisture:  6%
Size in roll: 762mm, 781mm, 850mm, 860mm, also according to customer's requirements
big production capacity, steady quality and in-time shipment for longterm cooperation.
For more information please check our paper techincal specifications. 

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